Hi, I’m Šárka!

I’m passionate about creating meaningful digital products.
I have experience in content development and web design, complemented by a specialization in digital accessibility and marketing automation.

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About me

My background

I had worked as a web editor at Radiožurnál, and my interest in coding led me to explore IT and digital marketing.

I've worked on many different kinds of projects - from creating and evaluating accessible websites and coordinating digital campaigns for Microsoft to improving technical documentation.

I speak Czech, English, and Swedish.
I'm also a certified Professional Scrum Master.

Get to know me better

Illustration: A dark blue and lightpink depiction of a starship traveling through the universe.

Lifelong learner

Currently: Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate, thanks to the support and scholarship from Czechitas.

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Yogi at heart

Through yoga, I discover my strength, flexibility, and balance.

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Web accessibility enthusiast

New website, new chance for accessibility check!

Discover how I'm making this site accessible.

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Film photography hobbyist

But also proficient in playing with pixels in Photoshop, Illustrator, and various CMSs.

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Swedish student

I've read Pippi Longstocking in its original language.

Illustration: Dark blue lines on a light pink background showing a small tree on a ball, representing the Earth.

P.S.: This website emits 0.07g of CO2.

I'm working to make it greener than a kale smoothie.


Check out what my colleagues said about me

I had the pleasure to work with Sarka for almost two years. Not only she has excellent people skills and is able to work seamlessly with many different roles both internally and externally, her technical knowledge is also of the highest level.
She’s extremely fast learner, quickly grasps and further develops any processes or workflows we worked with.
Sarka has very deep knowledge of web standards, technologies and great understanding of topics such as SEO, Accessibility and Web Analytics.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Sarka, as she will be and excellent addition to any team.

Karel Hašek

former direct manager

A pleasure to recommend Sarka as a very bright and motivated person that she is.
A quick learner, which has shown the ability to work on multiple projects, prioritizing the marketing requests in line with business priorities.

Cristina Iordan

former direct manager

Sarka is the most professional and efficient at work, as well as well-presented and self-motivated, and she can work both independently and as part of a team. I recommend her because of her attention to detail and teamwork spirit.
I’m confident she’ll be an excellent addition to any team she joins.

Irina Verlan

former colleague working on the same project