Accessibility Statement

I’m dedicated to ensuring that my website is accessible to all. My goal is to create a seamless and inclusive experience by providing equal access to information and services for everyone.

I've designed and built this website with a focus on meeting accessibility standards and guidelines. I adhere to the globally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.

Accessible design

I ensure the use of easy-to-read fonts and provide sufficient color contrast, aiming for an enhanced ratio of 7:1.

I also ensured that the website maintains a semantic structure and confirmed the presence of only one h1 heading. I maintained proper heading levels throughout the page without skipping any as users navigate down.

Text can be enlarged without assistive technology up to 200% without losing content or functionality, ensuring users don't need to horizontally scroll to read a line on a full-screen window.

Keyboard navigation and assistive technology

I've added a skip navigation link, enabling users to bypass menu and jump straight to the main content using the tab key.

I set the default human language for each web page, enabling screen readers to apply the correct pronunciation rules and ensuring visual browsers display characters and scripts accurately.

I crafted descriptive link text and integrated aria-labels for additional and more precise information.

I created several illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and exported them as SVG files. I included title elements within each SVGto provide brief and accessible descriptions. I ensured these title elements are positioned as the first child elements within their respective parent elements, enhancing accessibility on the website.

Accessible PDF

In progress.

Continuous improvement

I’m dedicated to continuously enhancing accessibility on this site. I consistently review and update the site to resolve any accessibility issue.

I've assessed website accessibility using the following tools:

I acknowledge the limitations of my perspective and warmly invite any suggestions or questions.